Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Moving forward with The Podcasts.

An Anotomy of a recording

I've found a 'formula' of sorts that helps with putting together a standard for recording podcasts, and make it easier to produce a decent quality podcast show session. The session can be broken down to three main modules:

  1. The introduction segment
  2. The Narrative segment (main body)
  3. The closing segment
In short, the introduction segment should be 30 seconds or less, with the following attributes:

  • Opening Headlining statement
  • Podcast identifier or Station Id
  • Table of Contents to outline the productions topics.
The Narrative segment is the body of the podcast which contains or can contain music, interviews, or whatever to record for the 'meat' of the podcast.

The Closing Segment is the wrap up segment, which covers the topics covered, and reviews the information in closing, music can be used in this closing as well.

Where's the HOW-TO on Podcasting?

OK. There's something lacking on the information highway regarding the whole Pod casting phenomenon. No one has written a how-to, that can clearly show the laymen computing person how to create one. Looks like it's a 'learn as you go' endeavor, so I've put together a list for myself that covers the basics of my podcast series project:

1. Select a name for the podcast show, one that is appropriate to the theme.
2. Select a theme for the show, outline your 'area of expertise'.
3. Begin researching topics and planning show outlines or 'scores' for the show(s).
4. Schedule recording sessions, and if need, interview sources, and gather data/information.
5. Prepare draft scripts, outline formats and prepare subject matter.
6. Record base conversation narrative rough format.
7. Edit product, and fine tune recording sessions.
8. Upload and publish podcast
9. Update website(s), blog and rss feed.
10. Go to # 3.