Friday, January 4, 2008

The snowman

My toon, Scootre as a snowman in IronForge. The WinterVeil Disguise Kit that is distributed around the holidays requires a snowball to activate, and turns your toon into a snowman. The only drawback about being a snowman is you can't move, talk, or do anything as a snowman, so you just kinda sit there and look funny, occasionally tipping your hat as other toons walk by.
So, I screencaptd my toon, and dumped the kit and the snowballs because I need the space in my bags for more important things, like potions and foods..
I'm recording the podcast for this week, and should have it posted and syndicated by Sunday, January 6, 2008. Podcast recording is alot of fun, but recently, I've discovered just how much time is required to compete a recording. There is a lot that must be done to finalize a podcast, because I want it to sound right, have the right feel, and sometimes I have to re-record portions of the cast, so I am not sounding like a drooling boob just blabbering and hum-hawing my way through the monologue. So, what started out as a 30minute project now is taking significantly longer. But I LOVE it! Look for the link to the right, for the podcast downloads.
Episode # 3: download here 13:46 - my longest running podcast yet!



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